BGSA (Beach Golf Sport Association) is the international association that organizes events and activities of the Beach Golf and We Golf (Way Entertainment Golf). Thanks to a Special ball created by BGSA, which is light and harmless, Beach Golf is the only sport in the world that allows the public to be within the field of competition. Public and objects found in various locations of the game, become the natural obstacles that characterize paths. The main feature of Beach Golf Projects is to mold itself to the needs private and institutional sponsors, as result of this research and development, were designed numerous proposals of entertainment and work.
We Golf
The variant on the road of Beach Golf is We Golf: We as Way Entertainment, a whole new way of understanding the game of golf. Over the years We Golf events organized by BGSA have been numerous and heterogeneous, with different locations used, such squares and streets, malls, parks urban, fairs, amusement parks, hotels, etc..
The locations identified are the primary objective BGSA, that is to play all in any kind of context and situation.
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