WeGolg Animation
Have you ever imagined could play golf in your hotel, city squares, urban parks, in a pleasant, fun and dynamic way? The Way Entertainment Golf Animation Project will be the project able to play all (adults, children, grandparents), extending the promotional offer with a new and particular activity. Beautiful BGSA instructors will organize a series of "open games" and enliven your structure involving all your guests.
In addition, the staff of BGSA has planned a series of proposals for animation and entertainment adaptable to any situation or context: Within your organization can be organized single day or entire entertainment weekend activities by the instructors the BGSA. Occasion may be created real contest, daily tournaments, weekly, monthly, with prizes and gadgets offer to all participants. You can give all your guests a chance to pull The Beach Golf is the discipline at the right time!br/> Entertain your clients in a whole new way and surprising! !
Beach Golf Days !
Beach Golf Weekend!< br/> Aperitif Beach Golf!< br/> Beach Golf Evening Party!< br/> a few shots during the tasty appetizers or dinners at your facility. !< br/> Our instructors can install the firing positions also during evenings musical or other special events. All the necessary equipment, such as sticks golf balls and foam lycron will provided by staff in BGSA corner set up designed to ensure an efficient service . To try a few shots with our instructors do not need to know how to play golf, all people can learn in a few minutes basic techniques of the game. The game of We Golf directed to each target, inclusive sex, age and social class. !< br/> Therefore, during the Beach Golf events in your establishment, will take place challenges who will see teenagers face adults, housewives with the manager, etc.. In addition, all events organized in your structure can be promoted on social networks. You can organize daily, weekly and monthly competitions, standings constantly updated on our social networks and the publication of the photos of the events organized in your plant. !< br/> Organize entertainment activities with the We Golf allows you to diversify the range of your establishment and represents an important showcase marketable to sponsors who may become your partner in the realization of events created ad hoc within your organization. ! Your structure will become a central point in the panorama of golf-sports tourism considered more than 60 million of golfers who travel the world every year looking for new experiences.
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