WeGolf Mall Center
Do you think going to the grocery store is boring? Girlfriend drags you along on a shopping spree, and you do not know how to entertain you while you test an infinite number of clothes? Would you like to participate in a game that you can win an entire gift certificate in a period of price rises unstoppable?
With the project " Shopping Mall Center " we want to give the opportunity to customers try to play golf in all shopping malls , learning in a few minutes the basic strokes, and then engage in challenges and contest organized by our friendly staff. In addition to a funny hobby, this will the opportunity to get in real competitions, with prizes from the mall or the sponsor of the day. Grocery shopping is not free longer a utopia: it is enough to refine the technique and center many times as possible in order to win our targets numerous prizes, by binding to mall.
Exploiting the virtual network created by BGSA on social networks, there will be chance to see constantly updated rankings of the various competitions daily, weekly and monthly and then return to play in the center business to improve its performance.
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