The Event
Beatiful beaches, 80000 people estimated by the police as audience, a diverse variety target of attendance, from grandmothers to children, from housewives to managers, 2 km of sandy coastline used as his venue, 165,000 square meters of public land occupied, 40 pairs in the race, 120 wonderful Caddy Girls as animators: in a word, the Beach Golf Event.
The only game in the world where the audience is on the competition field, actively participating in the game and being as natural barrier, with no danger to anyone thanks to the special little ball made of polyurethane, light and harmless. The only sport on the beach born and developed in Europe.
40 pairs of players, a format malleable and adaptable to more heterogeneous situations, team made up of professionals, friends, male-female or mixed teams pro-novice, for fun and passion in the most crowded beaches of the world. All this with the presence of celebrities such as players and guest stars, and major sponsors as a backdrop to the event, with many events contour in which everyone can play and try to approach this wonderful reality and create a huge media event.
Over the years, many international brands have linked their names to the Beach Golf Event: Puma, Lines, Rayban, Toyota, Mizuno, Honda, Fiat, Redbull, Algida, etc. .... The Beach Golf event becomes an ideal situation to create territorial marketing projects and match the tourism-sport..
It’s an event achievable on an international scale, with qualifying tournaments held in various foreign countries, made possible by a massive media campaign on social networking sites directly managed by BGSA, create packages specifically for those who want to spend their holidays by combining also pleasant moments of sports and entertainment
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