Urban Park Golf Project
Have you always believed that golf is a sport away from you and from the places they frequent usually? Do you think that it is expensive, difficult and inaccessible?
BGSA organizes the activities of Beach Golf and We Golf, the urban version of the most practiced sport in the world. The aim is to overturn the people's misconception have golf as elitist sport expensive and difficult, and instead demonstrate how it’s funny, engaging and accessible.
Thanks to methodologies new game and innovative, now you can play golf in every part of the city, especially in the parks urban redeveloping those that are poorly used and sadly abandoned by reactivating social value that is useful for recreational leisure all members of the family.
The staff of the federation is able to equip within minutes of the shooting positions adaptable to any place or circumstance, involving all users of the park. The playing techniques are developed precisely to allow anyone, of to know how to juggle a few minutes in a sport that involves all five senses, and is useful to develop other important skills such as balance, sense of direction, development muscle, dexterity, and more.
In our practice fields citizens can then compete with a lot of fun, grandparents with their grandchildren, boyfriends who walk, mothers, without any discrimination. The equipment will be entirely made provided by the staff of BGSA (sticks, balls, targets). Everything you need will be installed in no time and the game will not be a obstruction to other users of the park, thanks to Special balls read and harmless.
It 'time to bring the sport within the city, in the appropriate places and where anyone goes in search of relaxation and leisure, without having to go too far or withdrawn necessarily indoors. BGSA aims precisely this: to make the golf a sport for everyone, in the open and in good company.
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