BGSA by Night
Sport, entertainment, music, and beautiful girls? If you are looking for this kind of evening, participate or organize "Beach Golf by night" events. Enjoy the company of our instructors, try to shoot with extreme simplicity, in a corner made on the premises, with the possibility to challenge all your friends for a drink or other prizes.
In view of the BGSA seasonal events, themed evenings will be organized within the structures for the Caddy Girls' selection , the beautiful Beach Golf entertainers, which surround the major events organized by the staff. This happens to involve customers in the funniest possible way, in the various local initiatives that will adhere to it and will want to take advantage of this important showcase.
We can organize theme nights, such as birthday parties, with the creation of special events to challenge friends, parents and children, husbands and wives, full of absolute fun.
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Beach Golf Store