Beach Golf Children
Have you ever thought that your child can become a golf champion? NO!?
Do you think that golf is a boring, old, expensive and inaccessible sport?
Golf is a dynamic sport, social, played outdoors, able to develop and sharpen the senses and other skills such as cunning, coordination, sense of direction, the concentration, etc.. The BGSA offers even more, as it developed methods of play for each type of context, in order to vary the activities and to involve the novice golfer. With these new methodologies and innovative even those who are totally inexperienced can learn in a few minutes basic techniques and begin to pull the first strokes, to suck in the near future, the elite of world golf!
In addition, the activities promoted by BGSA together in perfect synergy, sports, exercise, fun, Entertainment and spirit of coesione.In company of our experienced and sympathetic instructors, your child can learn the techniques basis of the game of golf and will know many other boys with the same passion and the same desire to learn a new sport.
You know prove that golf is a sport young, dynamic and pleasant, not as you have probably ever imagined! With BGSA find out, and you'll find your child, as it is enjoyable and fun to play golf.
Are you ready to try it? Do not waste time also leads to BGSA your child will come home with the smile!
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