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Tired of clich├ęs according to which the Sport is suitable only for the young and the elderly must devote bowling, playing cards with the friends, or to accompany their grandchildren to the field to see them run happy? Nowadays we consider sport as a typically young, and we underestimate the problem of the growing number of people elderly who live a life too little active since motor point of view.
Beach Golf is a sport that originated in the first place to demystify the idea of golf as a sport elite and expensive, and at the same time for show that anyone, even the young people of elderly, in a short time and without any kind of practical experience, can learn the techniques Basic and start playing. It is a discipline that lends directly to the problem of the activity for the elderly, because it is not harmful to health and even allows you to stay active and in shape without support a high expenditure of energy. It will be a new and innovative way to keep in shape, exercising, socializing in simple way and not economically burdensome.
Peculiarities of the Beach Golf is adjusting to any location and situation, to make available access to the game to anyone, anywhere. Will therefore easy for the elderly to practice this sport in parks, recreational facilities, beaches, city squares and in many other places! The Beach Golf is open to all, regardless of age and sex, so it will be possible to carry out activities who will see the opposite grandparents to grandchildren, or other mythical challenges all in the family for a fun insured.
It is time to bring the sport to available for everyone to make sure you come back to that have social value that is historically been attributed ... All this thanks to Beach Golf, that is the event that gave the sport in general and golf in particular, a new Interpretation.
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