BeachGolf Guerrilla Marketing
Beach Golf is the only sport in the world where the audience is inside the field of play, representing a natural obstacle with which all players need to relate. Advantage for this is the special ball introduced and developed by the technical staff of BGSA, consisting of a light and harmless polyurethane, useful then to play competitions in crowded beaches with tens of thousands of tourists.
It's not rare funny scenes where the housewife lying under an umbrella in the bright sun of August on vacation is awakened by a ball that hits her in the middle of his dreams. The game of Beach Golf creates a sense of belonging in people, because in a few minutes everyone can learn to play and also the fact that it could be at any moment in the competition, as if it were set a film, involves in an exciting all bathers.
In a few minutes, and absolutely funny, it's possible to involve a large number of people, to whom are provided tools to feel more and more an integral part of the event, each of them will have the opportunity to be photographed and be able to revise the picture published in the vast network of social networks of BGSA and word of mouth will be the means to create events increasingly crowded and fun.
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