Corso Nazionale per Istruttori BeachGolf
Golf is often considered an elite sport and consequently not accessible to a wider audience. Beach Golf has challenged these prejudices showing, on the contrary, it is a young sport, dynamic and accessible, as it affects a myriad of Target, adapts to any situation and allows competition equally between different genders. The Beach Sports Golf Association, with the desire to seek new figures professional, for the management and the federal organization of sports activities, organizes the training for ""first-level Beach Golf Instructors"" .
The course is open to all interested parties who are older than 18 years old. By introducing a concept of teaching methodologies based on new and dynamic, promotes the formation of the students who learned the original methods of teaching and obtained the qualification of instructors level 1, will be incorporated into the federal register. Will consist of ten meetings, required by the Chiefs of federal technical Staff, where will alternate theoretical lectures to practical lessons in the game, to reach the final exam where you will demonstrate that they have learned the steps.
The malleability of the BGSA projects give the opportunity for instructors to create a profession that can be done in two different ways:
-Employment: tour on the beaches, ""Beach Range"" management, amusement parks entertainment, events on the street
-Managerial way: The instructors, to completing the course will also have the opportunity to build a personal network, in the area of origin, promoting activities related to the spread and growth of the discipline of Beachgolf. You’ll have benefits such as entering the world of work, low cost and free access, possibility for every season and for everyone.
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