Beach Range
Golf is too often considered an elite sport and therefore not accessible to a wide audience. The Beach Golf has challenged these prejudices, demonstrate, on the contrary, that it is a sport young, dynamic and accessible to all. Born from the idea of BGSA, in the Beach Golf event, Beach Range is a specific area equipped to play golf. It is different from traditional practice fields or Golf Cage, in which are used the classic balls and resulting in isolated areas far from the places crowded. It is an innovative and adaptable to any type of context, a structure permanent, non-invasive, in the which you can make throwing balls with special in lycron foam for training or to learn basic techniques taught by instructors BGSA.
All the necessary equipment, such as sticks golf balls and foam lycron will distributed by the staff BGSA in corner specially set up to ensure a efficient service. This area, adaptable to any space including between 30 meters long and 20 meters width, is formed by a network that surround sand delimits and inside which it is possible to access to the position points to play golf.
The Beach Range is ideal to be realized on the beach or in public parks. All the general public present in these places may be involved and anyone who wants to have fun and do something again, cannot give up enter a Beach Range and play, without disturbing the passers-by and bathers. To get into your Beach Range is not must know how to play golf, and all people can learn in a few minutes basic techniques of the game. The game of Golf Beach is directed to each target, inclusive sex, age and social class. Range in your Beach will take place then they will see the challenges that teenagers face adults and the home clash with the manager.
The Beach Range becomes a suitable structure to accommodate a variety of games that can also be coordinated with the projects on social network. This will be a permanent showcase for all the sponsors who want to put their mark within it, exploiting their high passage of bathers and tourists along the coast. You can organize events daily, weekly, and monthly charts are constantly updated on our social networks. The Beach Range will be managed by new figures formed by professional BGSA with a managerial view, with the federation who will sponsor the activity.
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